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What is RESET®?

RESET is a set of standards and assessment tools & services focused around data quality and data transparency with the purpose of helping built environments become healthier and more sustainable.

RESET strongly believes that you cannot effectively solve what you cannot measure, therefore, RESET promotes data collection and continuous monitoring via standardization. Data is the key to building awareness and visibility and helps us better engage with discovering the optimal solutions to our problems.

You cannot effectively solve what you cannot measure.

A Performance-Driven Building Standard

The RESET Standard is the world's first sensor-based and performance-driven program for the built environment. It is a data standard, a set of tools, and a certification program. The RESET Standard creates a structure for data quality, continuous performance assessment, and benchmarking. The standard harnesses the power of technology in order to assess the embodied and operational performance of buildings and interiors during their entire lifecycle.

The RESET Standards are modular and can be certified separately. Project teams can implement individual modules over time, opening up the opportunity to pursue criteria that are most relevant to a project's priorities and needs.

The RESET Standard consists of five stand-alone standards that fall under two categories:

RESET Embodied Standards

Embodied Standards and data encapsulates data associated with the construction processes throughout the lifecycle of a built environment.

1. RESET Embodied

Data transparency and accountability for materials used in your spaces and buildings.


  • Learn more about the RESET Embodied Standard (previously known as the RESET Materials Standard).

RESET Operational Standards

Operational data encapsulates data associated with the continuous operations of a built environment.

2. RESET Air

Make visible the invisible factor that impacts all indoor spaces in regards to health, productivity, and sustainability.

  • Learn more about the RESET Air Standard.
  • Learn more about how to leverage the RESET Air Standard for Projects.

3. RESET Water

Generate awareness around water conservation and improve water use efficiency and water quality.

4. RESET Energy

Bring to the forefront the carbon operating costs of the built environment and leverage faster feedback loops to improve.

5. RESET Waste

Automatically track and understand the lifecycle input and output of waste; where and how much it is generated and consumed.

  • Learn more about the RESET Waste Standard (previously known as the RESET Circularity Standard).
Designed for and implemented by future-thinking leaders in the industry.

RESET Accreditation Services

RESET provides a structure for data quality and data transparency via methodology and process for developing actionable, long term strategies towards health and sustainability for the built environment. Projects and companies can leverage RESET Accreditation Services to highlight their achievements and guarantee trust via third party verified data.

RESET Accreditation for Projects

For Owners, Landlords, and Tenants

RESET for Projects is non-prescriptive in regards to solutions and prioritizes operational results through continuous monitoring. RESET codifies data collection methodologies and the standards can be easily tailored depending on the needs and goals of each project.

RESET for Projects has two Project Typologies: Commercial Interiors (CI) and Core & Shell (CS), designed to help owners, operators and tenants achieve health and sustainability performance targets by collecting high quality data in their respective areas of responsibilities and management.

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Explore the RESET Standards

RESET Accreditation for Professionals

For Designers, Engineers, and Consultants

Every RESET Project needs a RESET Accredited Professional (AP) to guide the project through its process. RESET is a perfect fit for designers, engineers, and consultants who work or offer services related to smart buildings, operational efficiency, or achieving health and sustainability targets.

Click here to learn more about becoming a RESET AP.
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RESET Accreditation for Data Providers and Monitors

For service providers, software providers, and hardware providers

With a focus on data quality and data transparency, it is critical that the software and hardware used during continuous monitoring is up to standard. RESET Accreditation for Data Providers and RESET Accreditation for Monitors provides a base standard for projects looking for guidance in selecting and implementing tested solutions for continuous monitoring. RESET Accreditation also provides data providers and monitors with a third-party accreditation to validate their claims and demonstrate best-practice in terms of quality and trust.

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A global building standard for data quality, performance assessment, and benchmarking.

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