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RESET® Embodied Circularity

Circularity Accounting, Scoring, and Benchmarking for Products and Projects

The RESET Embodied Circularity Standard provides users with a powerful methodology for assessing, scoring and benchmarking circularity from products through to projects.

The RESET Embodied Circularity Standard is currently in Active Pilot phase. To participate, please reach out at info[at]reset.build. You can learn more about the Active Pilot Phase in the RESET Initiatives page.

1. What is RESET Embodied Circularity?

RESET Embodied Circularity is a standard and certification program that provides quantified and third-party verified environmental data for projects and products, translating complex health and sustainability data into measurable KPI. The results help users tangibly improve, benchmark, and communicate progress. For example:

  • "15.4% from renewable sources"
  • "61.6% can be recycled or biodegraded"

RESET Embodied Circularity is part of the RESET Embodied Standard.

All projects pursuing the RESET Standard are scored according to the RESET Elemental scoring and benchmarking framework. Within RESET Elemental, all products are weighted equally. This enables projects to be scored and benchmarked at scale, rapidly and cost effectively. Projects seeking full quantification of embodied project impact choose to pursue the Weighted approach.

Accounting Methods for Projects

The RESET Embodied Standard uses two distinct, yet complimentary, accounting methods:


This approach considers all products equally, irrespective of weight, quantity, or budget contribution. It empowers project teams to score and benchmark ALL projects rapidly and cost-effectively, tracking firm-wide progress from project-to-project and/or year-to-year.


This approach adjusts the contribution of products to projects based on quantity, weight, and/or budget. This approach yields project carbon footprint emissions, circularity rates, and health content.

2. Why and how to use RESET Embodied Circularity?

The RESET Embodied Circularity Score takes a holistic look at material circularity with quantitative data, encompassing metrics for source-of-life (SOL) and end-of-life (EOL).

RESET Embodied Circularity is mainly used in the form of a score. There is a methodology for Project Scoring and one for Product and Materials Scoring:

Project Scoring

RESET Embodied Circularity for Project Scoring is a powerful way to establish a benchmark for the type of products that is used in your projects. It consists of aggregating the product scores with one of the Accounting Methods: Elemental or Weighted. The scoring includes the following:

  • SOL - Total Source of Life
  • EOL - Total End of Life - Basic (%)
  • EOL - Total End of Life - Advanced (%)

Products and Materials Scoring

RESET Embodied Circularity for Product and Materials Scoring extracts and highlights the actual numbers behind the achievements and labels awarded to a product or material and makes it easily comparable to others in the industry. Product and Materials Scoring enables project teams to make objective, quantified decisions based on product performance data.

RESET Embodied Circularity for Product and Materials Scoring provides a quantitative score to evaluate raw materials or “source of life” inputs and how these inform “end of life” scenarios. Source-of-Life and End-of-Life scenarios each represent 50% of the overall circularity score. The scoring includes the following:

  • SOL - Recycled Content (%)
  • SOL - Biological Content (%)
  • SOL - Sustainable Harvesting (%)
  • EOL - Separation Factor (%)
  • EOL - Recyclability (%)
  • EOL - Biodegradability (%)
  • EOL - Circularity Program Factor (%)

3. Next Steps and Pilots

RESET Embodied Circularity, along with the rest of the RESET Embodied Standard, is currently in active pilot phase. Target date for official release will be in 2023.

Call for Project Pilots

If there are any projects that want to leverage RESET Embodied to benchmark or highlight their progress towards carbon neutrality or net-zero, please reach out to us at info[at]reset.build.

Learn more about our pilot phase via our RESET Initiative page.

Call for Product and Materials Pilots

If there are any product or material manufacturers who are interested in getting a RESET Embodied Score and need guidance, please also reach out to us at info[at]reset.build.

Learn more about our pilot phase via our RESET Initiative page.