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RESET® Initiatives

The RESET Initiatives program is a kickstarter styled program for developing research that is publicly published. The goal of the RESET Initiatives program is to provide a sustainable model for implementing research initiatives that can help the entire industry.

RESET has always believed in creating opportunities for sharing best practices with industry professionals while helping to strategize ways to advance the healthy building industry with other leaders in the industry.

1. Active Initiatives

Below is a table of currently active RESET Initiatives:


Sustainable Product Requests from Owners

Piloting a new resource to help projects amplify their search for more sustainable materials.

Link to the Initiative


Tenant Engagement Leaderboard

Pilot program that leverages data and gamification to incentivize landlords and tenants to work together towards building sustainability.

Link to the Initiative


RESET Embodied

Pilot program for reviewing and finalizing the RESET Embodied Standard

Link to the Initiative


RESET Viral Index

The index estimates the potential for infection based on the indoor air quality metrics.

Link to the Initiative


RESET Earth | Plant a Sensor

As part of the Plant a Sensor initiative, RESET Earth is a research project to build a publicly accessible resource focused on global air quality monitoring.

Link to the Initiative

2. How RESET Initiatives Work

A RESET Initiative is defined in 3 parts: Deliverables, Grant Sponsors, and Committees.


RESET Initiatives will have clear Deliverables, a list of what the initiative will accomplish and produce. RESET Initiatives are designed to be a public good, therefore, all deliverables from a RESET Initiative will become publicly available.

Grant Sponsors

RESET Initiatives require funding to make them work. The funding will be acquired via grant sponsorships. Each Grant Sponsor will be highlighted on the Initiative page and has access to the minutes of the Initiative.


A very important aspect of the RESET Initiatives is engaging the community. To do that, we have Committees, where RESET invites people in the industry to contribute and guide the direction and implementation of the initiative.

3. Committees

The RESET Initiative Committee is a group of experts across the industry who will guide the RESET Initiative past the finish line. RESET Initiative Committee members are selected from a pool of applicants and is balanced to provide different perspectives on a particular initiative.

Why should you become a committee member?

  • Committee members will play a significant role in defining the final results of the initiative.
  • Committee members will be the first to know details of the initiative.
  • Committee members will have their names attached to the initiative and celebrated once the initiative is complete and delivered.

Please take a look at the details for the RESET Initiatives Committee below:

Initiatives Committee Structure

  • A RESET Initiative Committee will have 7 to 15 people. Keeping the committee small will increase efficiency.
  • To promote representation, across different industries with a limit of 1 person per company on each committee.
  • Each Committee will have a "Leader", identified by RESET, who is in charge of facilitating the calls.The Leader may or may not be someone from RESET.
  • Each Committee will have a "Secretary", identified by RESET, who is in charge of invites, agenda, and minutes. The Secretary will not be a Committee member.

Commitment Requirements

Every committee member will be expected to do the following:

  • Attend calls once or twice every month (amount of calls will depend on the initiative).
  • Provide feedback for the initiative.
  • Provide assistance on research activities.


To apply to be a committee member, applicants will need to submit the following:

  • A brief explanation on how the applicant will be able to contribute to the initiative.
  • CV/Resume detailing technical background and/or market reach.
  • List RESET (or related) project experience.
  • If selected, please note that all Committee Members must be part of a company that is a RESET Member.

4. Process

Every RESET Initiative will follow a similar process from announcement to deliverable.

  1. Initiative Announcement

    Once a RESET Initiative is defined, it will be published on the RESET website and announced via our Newsroom and Newsletter.

  2. Funding the Grant

    For a RESET Initiative to activate, it needs to raise the money in the form of grants. Similar to a kickstarter, we take public sponsorship pledges first and when the pledges hit the minimum threshold for the initiative to activate, RESET will collect the funds.

  3. Gathering the Committee

    While collecting the grant funds, RESET puts out a call for applicants to be part of the committee for the initiative. RESET will review and announce the list of committee members for the start of the initiative.

  4. Start Initiative

    Once everything is ready, the RESET Initiative will start and follow the timeline to complete the deliverables.

  5. Publish Deliverables

    When the research, deliberation, and content is completed, the RESET Initiative will publish all the content and deliverables for the initiative and make it publicly available.

5. Next Steps

If you are interested in:

  • becoming a Grant Sponsor,
  • applying to be a Committee Member,
  • or proposing a new RESET Initiative,

Please reach out to us at info[at]reset.build with the subject: "RESET Initiatives".

Otherwise, check back in to follow the progress of the RESET Initiatives!