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RESET® Data Providers Directory

RESET Accredited Data Providers are trusted software platforms and data providers that can be used for RESET Projects. For more information about RESET Data Providers, please click here .

Below is a list of RESET Accredited Data Providers:



QLEAR’s platform provides an easy way to access all your building’s metrics and intelligence. As an integrated indoor environmental quality (IEQ) management system, data is collected, organized, and analyzed in real-time from air, electricity and other readily available monitors or sensors. By adding intelligence and analytics, QLEAR allows you to better understand your indoor data, so you can make informed decisions to create healthy, sustainable spaces with impact ranging from higher staff retention to improved customer acquisition.

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BEE Sense

BEE Sense seamlessly collects, organizes, and analyzes air, energy, and water data in real-time. Our cloud-based, ESG reporting tool not only focuses on indoor and outdoor air quality but also integrates electricity, gas, water consumption, water quality, and sound levels. We are a hardware-agnostic platform that can conduct carbon footprint analyses on Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, from single projects to entire portfolios. BEE Sense is the first building monitoring system to be fully integrated with USGBC’s Arc platform for the transmission of energy, water, and air quality data that can be used for LEED O+M Certification.

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Awair Dashboard

The Awair Business suite includes the Awair Omni monitor and the Awair Dashboard as an end-to-end solution for air quality projects. The Awair Dashboard is a secure and reliable data platform that is designed for easy setup and use. Access to the Dashboard includes a robust set of features, including Floor Plan view, CSV exporting, tracking metrics over time, real-time displays, advanced email Alerting, sensor management, developer APIs, and more. Get in touch to learn more or receive a demo, and see if Awair is the right solution for your indoor environmental monitoring needs. The Awair Dashboard is a RESET Accredited Data Provider.

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sonrai IAQ™

sonrai IAQ™ by DLR Group is an intelligent air quality analytics platform that collects, visualizes, and analyzes your building’s performance data. Use this app to track the air quality in your environment, identify trends, anomalies and use actionable intelligence to make informed decisions that impact energy use, occupant comfort, health, safety and wellness.

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gams is a smart indoor environment quality (IEQ) monitoring and management platform that ensures data driven decision making for your indoor environment. Getting you from data to knowledge to action, gams platform gathers measurement from sensors ( air, filtration, HVAC, energy and more ), provides real-time data and drives ad hoc analysis, anytime, anywhere, on the go or in your office. Reports and alerts are automatically generated to your requirements, empowering you to make the right decisions. All your spaces are managed on one dashboard. Turning data into agile building management, our proprietary environment forecasting engine brings unrivaled smart automation to your buildings. gams is a RESET Accredited Data Provider.

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AUROS Group's AUROS360 data management platform provides the data management foundation to liberate building performance data. By properly creating the data management approach for RESET Air, building owners using AUROS360 have the potential to scale the solution across all digital data points in a building or group of buildings. AUROS360 provides secure access to your commercial building’s data in real-time and with context. AUROS360 is a single-pane of glass solution for indoor air quality and the entire building operational network. AUROS360 also offers value-added capabilities to integrate whole-building simulations with actual trends to drive optimum performance levels, answering the age old question, “Did I get what I paid for?” AUROS360 not only measures what is; we use digital replicas to determine what's possible in terms of whole building performance and occupant experience. If you are looking to liberate your building performance data to make better decisions, AUROS360 together with RESET Air certification is the perfect no-regrets move.

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Airthings Dashboard

The Airthings Hub connects your Airthings devices online. Access real-time data from all your devices from the Airthings dashboard, or through the API or a Webhook. The Airthings dashboard includes alerts, advanced analytics and reporting. In addition, easily view, compare and export data and receive tips to reduce indoor air hazards, optimize ventilation and save on energy costs. Each Airthings for Business Subscription includes unlimited cloud storage of sensor data.

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TBL Building Sciences

TBL Building Sciences is a leading building health and wellness technology company that provides building owners, managers, and tenants with an accredited end-to-end indoor environmental quality (IEQ) platform. By leveraging IoT and data analytics, TBL bridges real-time data with automation to intelligently create resilient, healthy, and sustainable living spaces and workplaces. As an organization, we specialize in providing detailed insight into IEQ improvements, energy usage, cost savings, building automation, applicable rebates and incentive programs, green building certifications, tenant communication, and occupant health and well-being initiatives across the entire indoor environment. Let’s redefine the built environment together. TBL is a RESET® Accredited Data Provider and RESET® Accredited Monitor Provider.

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AirVeda Platform

AirVeda platform provides a comprehensive way to manage air quality in your building. With great visualizations across mobile and web, it makes it easy for you to track air quality goals, get alerts and resolve issues quickly, analyze performance and showcase air quality data to your occupants. In addition it helps you automate your systems, enabling optimization of energy and filtration costs. AirVeda platform is a RESET accredited data provider and optionally allows you to get RESET accreditation for your building.

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ICCC (Intelligent Connected Cloud Center)

The SAAS online platform is an integrated data collection, data analysis and project management intelligent environment platform. We are able to track, organize and visualize data in real-time from various different sensors. We provide different display methods such as web pages, mobile mini-programs, customized large screens, etc. Combined with AI large models, we can perform in-depth mining, realizing functions such as data display, tracking, analysis, sharing, etc. 该SAAS在线平台是集成数据采集、数据分析与项目管理智慧环境平台。 我们能够实时跟踪、组织和可视化来各种不同传感器数据。 我们提供网页web、手机小程序、订制大屏幕等不同的展示方式,结合AI大模型,据进行深度挖掘,实现数据进行展示、追踪、分析、共享等功能。

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Freesicloud is a software for managing indoor air quality

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云栋科技 - 环境数据平台


Click here to learn more about 云栋科技 - 环境数据平台


Switch Automation

Switch Automation is a global real estate software company that helps property owners and facility managers reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency and deliver exceptional occupant satisfaction. Our comprehensive smart building platform integrates with traditional building systems as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to analyze, automate and control assets in real-time. We serve enterprise customers and partners in a variety of industries including financial services, retail, grocery, commercial real estate and more. Learn how Switch Automation creates technology to bring people and planet to the center of building operations at www.switchautomation.com.

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ebm-papst neo

Digital opportunities are everywhere. ebm-papst neo provides a scaleable, plug and play multi-purpose Cloud IoT platform that covers both building solutions as well as OEM applications. Our cloud solution collects data from existing assets, analyses and derives value-adding actions out of it. Algorithms learn from user behaviour, building characteristics and environmental conditions to create an optimised indoor ecosystem. Cloud-based tools and metrics monitor and communicate the health-related values of indoor spaces and buildings. Healthy indoor air enables high productivity increases and thus a faster return on investment.

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ICONICS Intelligent Building Software Stack

ICONICS Intelligent Building Software Stack provides a data digital twin of your building which seamlessly integrates all the building digital systems into a single autonomous platform that enables a number of outcomes including indoor environment quality (IEQ) monitoring, space utilisation, equipment fault detection and diagnostics, building energy optimisation, management insights, occupant visualisations and user personalisation. ICONICS IBSS is a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider.

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arbnco provides software and hardware to evaluate facility performance to increase building performance for health, efficiency, and occupant comfort. arbnco’s environmental quality measurement and analysis system, arbn well, is based on high-quality, low-cost sensing. It comprises a network of sensors measuring a variety of parameters affecting human health and comfort. This continuous and ubiquitous sensing is supplemented by occupant feedback (collected using the arbn well app), to create a uniquely rich and detailed picture of environmental conditions inside buildings and the satisfaction of occupants. The web platform is designed to highlight actions and alerts. It displays real-time data and summary statistics and allows the user to identify trouble spots, explore likely causes for complaints, view alerts, and change settings. It features: • Data visualisation with informative maps and graphs • Seamless integration with international standards and certifications • Parameter alerts – triggered when a measured parameter, such as temperature or CO2, exceeds a (customisable) threshold • Kiosk functionality to display data to occupants arbnco is a RESET Accredited Data Provider and RESET Accredited Monitor Provider. Users can connect arbnco RESET accredited devices or 3rd party monitors as required through the arbn well platform. We are creating a new way to assess and enhance health and wellbeing in buildings. After all, healthier, happier employees are what every business wants.

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AirGradient's powerful analytics engine gives you the insight you need to create a healthier and more productive environment. Seven key factors are monitored that influence your health and safety: Particles (PM2.5), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Chemicals (TVOC), Humidity and Temperature, Light, and Noise. Research shows that poor indoor air can cost companies thousands of dollars each year due to productivity loss. In educational institutions, healthier air can help with increased test scores and student attendance.

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Neuron Health

Arup self-developed A.I. IoT + Analytics’ platform for smart buildings which predicts operation patterns and existence of pathogens based on correlation studies. Features List: • Cloud-based platform to enhance the indoor air quality through data-driven approach • Real-time display for essential air quality parameters and performance assessment • Predictive and responsive operation to enhance air quality with different controls

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WellStat is an indoor Air Quality + Energy Management Software platform used by property and facility management teams to responsibly assure healthy air quality conditions, lower operating costs, and increase operating revenue. It is our goal to optimize an asset's performance while promoting a safer and healthier work environment.

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Network Control Group

NCG is committed to helping companies tackle the problem of air quality inside of their places of work. We provide a complete managed service that gives companies all of the data they need to make informed decisions about the conditions inside of their buildings. We provide everything from the building’s core internet connectivity up to the individual sensors mounted on the walls and ceilings and we get it all working together. This ensures that air quality and a host of other metrics are available at the touch of a button. Ready to be used to improve the quality of life for those lucky enough to be working in your buildings.

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Fexillon Twin

Fexillon Twin platform is a cross-domain data integrator that combines rich and complex data from a wide variety of sources (BIM, IoT, BMS, etc.) into a consistent Digital Twin model. The ambient intelligence of the Fexillon Twin enables the building services to adapt to the needs and requirement of the people using it, as well improving the building operation & maintenance processes whilst reducing the building running costs.

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Online portal that displays live data, configurable alert and monthly reports.

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uHoo is a company well known for developing advanced indoor environmental monitoring and sustainability-focused technologies that contribute to a healthier, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable home, business, and planet. uHoo leads the move towards safer air with the uHoo Smart Air Monitor and the uHoo Aura — the most comprehensive indoor environmental quality monitoring solutions that provide real-time and accurate data that is crucial in taking steps to improve occupant wellbeing, decarbonize buildings and enhance a company’s ESG performance. uHoo’s employees throughout the world are working ceaselessly to create infinite possibilities and develop life-changing technologies that will lead humanity closer to a healthier and more sustainable planet, day by day.

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As a healthy space as service (HSPaaS) platform, welSpace provides customers with solutions, products, and tools to create, operate, monitor, experience, manage, and connect safe and healthy indoor spaces. It innovates your indoor air experience while improving your business and giving you, your guests, and employees peace of mind. welSPACE provides, but is not limited to hardware components - AirBox, Air Purifier, Window Actuator, UVC Sanitizer, Smart Thermostat, Edge Gateway, and software components - Display Panel, APP, Web Console.

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View, Inc

View aggregates all building and tenant data, including occupancy, access control, digital collaboration, air quality, temperature, environmental factors, and more, into a consolidated dashboard to optimize every aspect of building operations and workplace experience. View allows you to manage your indoor environment and make better decisions to improve occupant comfort and building performance.

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Akila is a cloud based, digital twin solution that links your physical building and all its assets, systems, and operations into a centralized platform. We create 3D digital twins with BIM, and then bring them to life with data collected by IoT, API integration, and local data servers. Data is then sent to the cloud and visualized in the platform with powerful dashboarding and analytics. Akila SUITES expand functionality into different operational sectors such as: energy, environmental management, maintenance management, and facility management. Akila also offers a specialized ESG SUITE which aggregates data from the platform to assist with reporting on a variety of standards and frameworks.

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If you're interested in becoming a RESET Accredited Data Provider, click here to review the process. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info[at]reset.build.