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Congratulations to Yi Design for Their Achievement at Kering Generation Awards

We’re happy to have been along for the ride, helping make sustainability measurable and easy to understand, and telling sustainability stories in numbers.
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This year, we were very excited to witness YiTile by Yi Design win the 3rd Kering Generation Award. The competition was created in 2018 by Kering, a global leader in luxury fashion with Maisons that include Gucci, Balenciaga, YSL and Alexander McQueen. This year, our founder - Raefer Wallis - was invited to help expand the reach of the competition beyond fashion and into retail interiors.

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It was an unconventional step, and without reserve, we had our doubts about the chances of a building material to win a fashion competition. We were thrilled to be proven wrong.

Kering's decision to award first place in a circularity competition to a building material marks a pivotal moment for the industry. In an increasingly digital world, boutique interiors serve as the primary physical connection between a brand and its clientele, allowing people to experience the culture of a brand firsthand. This recognition from Kering underscores the significance of boutique interiors, elevating them to the same level of importance as the products they house.

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A brand's boutique interior is, in essence, a product that can only be fully appreciated through experience. RESET’s mission and purpose are to guide those experiences towards becoming fully regenerative, ecological, social and economic.

In this context, Yi Design secured first place by closing the circularity loop on a significant global waste problem while infusing the beauty and culture of ceramic into their solutions. Their winning product, YiTile, is also the highest-scoring tile globally as per the RESET Standard.


While we celebrate Yi Design's success, we were also enamored by the achievements of the second and third place winners; Cobbler's Suggest, which leverages reverse logistics to create a network of repair, reuse, and value maintenance for products; and PhaBuilder, with their bio-based and biodegradable plastic-like material created at room temperature, demonstrating the power and potential of biomimicry.

We are also grateful to the Kering and Plug and Play teams for their efforts in creating this award, upholding a rigorous review process and advancing sustainability in the industry.

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